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Meets and Events

Swim Meet 101

Welcome to the controlled chaos that is a summer league swim meet!

While it can seem overwhelming to anyone new to the sport, you and your swimmer will quickly become use to the procedure.

Swimmers may be nervous at first, but your coaching staff will walk them through everything, from warm-up, to showing up at the right place for their events, to actually swimming those events.

A swim meet is a fun, exciting family event, and one of the best parts of summer league swimming!

What to Bring:

  • Wear team suits, bring caps and googles
  • Swim bag to hold everything in one place
  • Towels and team shirt
  • Folding chairs ( Most pools do NOT have extra seating available)
  • Healthy snacks ( such as crackers, fruit, raisins, granola bars, etc.)
  • Plenty of water and sports drinks
  • Black marker to write down events/ heats/ lanes
  • Face masks, if required
  • A positive attitude (to reduce anxiety, especially for the younger ones)

When to arrive:

  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before warm-up starts, to find a place to sit, get settled, and find the coach.
  • Your swimmer will warm-up with the team, so it is important to be on time.

What to expect during the meet:

  • Swimmers will have events listed in a “heat sheet”, which also shows which heat and lane each swimmer will be in.
  • Swimmers will report to the “Clerk of Course” to be lined up for their events
  • Parent volunteers will be needed to help time (with a stopwatch) and help line the kids up to swim.
  • Much cheering during the races, and hopefully, many proud smiles after the race!

When to leave after a meet:

  • Please do not leave until you check with a coach, as your swimmer may be on a relay.
  • Once the meet is concluded, or your swimmer has finished all events and their relays, swimmers may head home. 
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A Welcome Letter From Coach Susan!

Welcome to the 2021 Summer League Season of the Planet Swim Waves! I am so excited to introduce new swimmers to a great sport, as well as work with returning swimmers to improve their stroke, start, and turn techniques. I believe that all swimmers, no matter their level, should have a fun, positive experience while developing their mental and physical skills. I look forward to a great summer and a successful swim season!

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